Natsumi Kuroda

Japanese actor based in London

I was born and raised in Tokyo. After 10 years of acting in Japan, I came to the UK in 2013 with big dreams, and they have been coming true!

Last year (2023) I played Miu in 'Sputnik Sweetheart', a theatre adaptation of an iconic Japanese novel in Arcola Theatre. I worked with Royal Court Theatre and National Theatre for reading shows and RSC for an R&D. Also filming 'My Friend Misty' season 2 was delightful. Working with facial capture in video game 'Rise of the Ronin' playing the protagonist was exciting.

This year (2024) I'm playing a main character in a Finnish TV show 'The Man Who Died' season 2 filming in Finland. It's a crime drama / black comedy!

I love experimenting movement, creative devising process of theatre making, and collaborative atmosphere of film/TV show making.

The world seems to be confusing who 'we' are, who 'they' are, and where the borders are. Through acting, I want to say all human beings are deep down the same. We all can share happiness and sadness, and there are no mysterious 'they' you can hurt or be indifferent to. I might be perceived as 'they' in the UK, but I believe my role is to show I am just one of you.

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